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TL;DR I'm a libertarian with a slight right of center.


political compass

In 2020, we have never seen politics so polarized and divisive in the world. Usually, I avoid engaging in conversations about politics for this very reason. However, I feel it necessary to lay out the political compass I follow and explain why to provide clarity and understanding.

Over time my knowledge of politics on how it affects the economy is continuously evolving. Studying the history of economics on my journey to trade in the FX currency markets, I've learned how various forms of governments and policies affect the local and global economy. Everything is interconnected, having complex causes and effects. An investor must understand how the numerous cogs of society affect investments' price action. The more you know, the more you reduce risk and increase your odds for a profit. Data is everything; emotions are useless.

The most important rule I've learned is, "Capital flees to confidence."

Capital wants to grow; for this to occur, it needs a region of safety from unbearing regulations, taxation, and an educated population to help it grow. Take this environment away and watch capital flee the area, leaving it an undesirable poverty-stricken region.

Healthy economies prevent wars, lowers crime rates, raise standard-of-living for all, and further human achievements. It is the answer to the majority of society's problems.

Currency value, which affects people's purchase power and the country's competitiveness in world markets, reflects the output capacities of that country or region, determined by FX currency traders around the world.

Inflation works in three ways: Asset, Currency, and Demand. It's not a linear progression; it fluctuates in a cycle like everything else.

What makes this all work in a favorable direction? Confidence of the people. High confidence creates a high velocity of money of people spending and investing. Low confidence makes people save from concern for the future, causing the market to turn down as money slows.

Economic confidence is the most significant misunderstanding by all economists. It is the very thing that Keynes and Marx completely missed and why both of their economic theories, which are very similar, failed.

The global economic confidence model (ECM) discovered by Martin Armstrong runs on a particular cycle. People's desires never change between generations, causing history to repeat. Knowing the ECM allows for incredible precision in forecasting markets and events.

Today, we are in the tail end of retiring these tired and obsolete economic theories. Governments are broke and cannot repay their debts. Interest expenditures are the largest budget item that goes to no value or service to the citizen. Taxes are destroying economic velocity; the system is due to collapse by 2032. Get ready for 12 years of significant volatility and social unrest everywhere.

Two substantial economies of the EU and Japan permitted their central banks to imposed negative interest rates to spur spending instead of saving. It failed miserably and trapped them by destroying confidence and bond markets, which chased capital to America. Their governments are now cheap money debt addicts. An increase of one percent of the interest rate would explode their budgets. These economies are on their tip-toes on the cliff. When they go, we all go with them as everything is interconnected, just like in the 2008 US Housing Crisis.

America is the largest consumer economy on earth. It is holding the world economy together. If you lose America, the world goes quickly into a new dark age. Currently, it is the premiere SAFE HAVEN for foreign capital of distressed regions. It's these foreign capital flows that have artificially raised the stock markets to all-time highs. Luckily the USA did adopt negative rates for the COVID-19 stunt. Dropping to zero percent showed that interest rates are dead as an economic control lever, it did nothing. Finally, behind the curtain, The Fed started to understand it was a confidence game they need to play. They now realize they need to raise rates to win back confidence, but carefully not to destroy the government.

Now that you have a small economic overview of what is in play, you'll understand my political positions.

I share political opinions with Milton Freidman, Ayn Rand, and Martin Armstrong. All are very much for small government, free and open markets, personal responsibility, and are entirely against socialism, Marxism, and communism. Only through people's pursuit of self-interest, society forms, and wealth expands, and the economy becomes healthy.

Capitalism is the only economic philosophy that has raised billions of people out of poverty and ushered in the highest standard of living for people in history. It is solely responsible for all the fantastic inventions and achievements we enjoy today—cars, planes, computers, etc. Is it perfect? No, but it's damn close. The thing that impedes its perfection is corruption and government intrusion into free markets through regulations and taxation. Most regulations are created through government petitions by large organizations to prevent smaller organizations from competing fairly by bribing or donating to a scumbag career politician.

The U.S. Constitution allowed this progress to proceed by removing the oppressive authoritarian government overreach. It unleashed the human mind to explore and chase after ideas and profit mightily. It created a nation of entrepreneurs, which built the country quickly, surpassing the old world.

Since Rosevelt's injection of socialism into America, it has been slowly creeping everywhere. The direct income tax on individuals and corporations is destroying the domestic economy, a tool of Marxism that was never adequately canceled that contributes to nothing of value in the age of central banking with elastic money.

The Democrats have always been the left spectrum of ideology. Still clinging to failed Marxist and Communist ideas, they want to control people's lives as they see fit. They will never tolerate opposition and demand everything must be their way or no way. They are not satisfied with allowing people to keep to themselves. They are against freedom and try to shut down religion. That was all standard in Communist movements.

Democrats were the party of slave owners, the KKK, which lynched both white and black people. They manipulated minorities with promises for votes but never delivered. Enticing minorities with perpetual welfare, they created a victim class by using divisive identity politics. Their focus today is more on illegal aliens with sanctuary states where criminals enjoy immunity than US Citizens. They use the pseudoscience of Climate Change as a cover to usher in Marxist policies to usurp control to install more socialism to control everything and everybody.

The Democrat Party operates its social engineering strategy from the book "Rules by Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, a Luciferian, beginning in the 1970s. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Hillary Clinton enter politics as young adults at the same time.

"Rules for Radicals" guided the Democrats to form the BLM and Antifa groups. They are their "Black Bloc" street thugs with the mission to create social chaos and divide the country to blame Trump. George Soros, an old Hungarian Nazi Jew billionaire, acts as their bank. These groups help achieve Soros' social engineering goals he uses for investment outcomes. Using a mirage of fake civil rights and fake oppression, they justify the burning and looting of innocent businesses destroying their cities, as a political weapon to blame Trump. Democrat leaders play along, hoping Joe Biden will win the presidency to award a colossal bailout to these cities that were already insolvent from improper management. While their cities are burning, people are losing their livelihoods and lives. Democrat mayors give the stand-down orders to law enforcement and refuse federal military assistance to restore order. Pure evil insanity.

Overall, today's Democrat party has turned hard left, that if it were to gain power, the economy would tank. Every time the fake narrative news reports Biden ahead of the polls, the market drops. Market action shows that investors have ZERO CONFIDENCE in Joe Biden. Rightfully so, considering he's been in politics for 48 years and has done nothing meaningful. Yet, at his ripe old dementia age, some miracle is going to happen where he will build America better than Trump and negotiate America's first positions on world trade. All while being in the pocket of China and others.

Biden is the worst kind of unaccomplished career politician who has only lined his pocket and his family's pockets. Biden picked a VP running mate based purely on skin color and gender, not qualifications or character. Kamalalala Harris is an opportunist who will say and do anything to get ahead. She is an absolute disaster that would pulverize small business for her big corporate puppet masters. As a prosector, she put innocent men on death row knowingly. It could have been you.

A Biden victory would impose a THREE TRILLION DOLLAR TAX INCREASE on the country. He would issue a mandatory shutdown for a non-existent virus, plus mandated dehumanizing mask laws. This on top of 30-40% small businesses that got wiped out and with millions more suffering financially from the unconstitutional lockdowns. The unemployment rate would exceed the lockdown rates during the plandemic. America couldn't survive such an event again so soon.

Biden's support for the "Socialist Green New Deal," is an attack on fossil fuels, which would raise energy prices considerably and cause blackouts across the country. California can't produce enough electricity from renewable energy sources they discovered this summer.

In summary, today's Democrat party has moved so far left that it's become a threat to America that makes it the No.1 country and consumer economy in the world.

In contrast, the Republicans are the opposite of the spectrum. The nuclear family, God, pro-business, lower taxes, fewer regulations, and smaller, less intrusive government is their focus. They are also the party with the most amount of civil rights advancements towards bringing equality to America.

All is not perfect with the Republican party. You have a few RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) members like Mitt Romney, Justin Amash, to mention a few. You also have war hawks and neocons that have extremely outdated views of America in the world. They all need to be voted out of their offices.

Republicans are pretty spineless for the most part. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, failed at stopping expensive and meaningless Democrat special investigations. Such as the fake Russian collusion investigation, which they had access to the unclassified documents initially, should have never gotten off the ground.

Republicans should have shut down the inquiry to the confirmation of Justice Kavanagh when the Democrats made an absolute mockery of the process, using a false witness.

The Ukraine scandal of Joe Biden and the Obama administration extorting money from a gas company for Hunter Biden, his son, is on another level. Democrats tried to impeach President Trump, who wanted to expose this. Later as we found out, many, including the Ambassador to Ukraine, lied under oath and others. They were all in on it and dirty as could be.

Instead of working with President Trump in a bi-partisan way, Democrats decided to oppose Trump with everything they can. They choose to act like petulant children that obstructed every policy that would benefit citizens. With a broken Congress, Trump has to rely on his Executive Powers to pass needed Presidential orders, creating record levels of prosperity, employment, and stock market highs.

Then comes the party of Donald Trump, which was forecasted in the mid-1980s would win the 2016 election. Not since Ronald Ragan has an outsider won the presidency. Before running for office, Trump lived the peak of his success with his businesses and fame from reality TV. His past is not perfect, but it's not that different from other entrepreneurs that have had some wins and some failures; that's part of being an entrepreneur. People from both political parties liked Trump and especially his show, "The Apprentice," giving it top ratings. No one said he was racist or all the mean things you frequently hear in the news today.

Trump ran because he saw that people were tired and upset with do-nothing corrupt career politicians. From a business owner's standpoint, he knows you need a healthy economy for business to survive. Obama was an eight-year crime spree that weakened America defense capabilities and its economy.

As soon as Trump entered the race, the media establishment flipped on him to attack everything they could about the man. From his personal life, his business, and character non-stop to this very day. With the American people having enough of Washington elites, they sent a giant FU by giving him the job. He's not part of "The Club" nor for sale. The corrupt establishment hates him because they can't control him.

Trump's first term has accomplished record achievements that have released constraints on American hard work and ability, achieving record numbers in the economy that benefit everyone. His results stand by themselves and are true promises made, promises kept.

I don't idolize Trump, but I understand him, and I most importantly respect him. I genuinely believe he truly loves America and its people and demonstrates this by working for free, long hours, running on only four hours of sleep. I also think Trump is very narcissistic and concerned about his image. Success is imperative to his brand. If there is an internal selfish motive, the country benefits if he succeeds, so it's a fair trade.

Overall, Trump has gained global respect back for America and undone most of the damage caused by Obama's weak negotiations and policies.

Is he a perfect person? No one is. Is he perfect for the job? Absolutely and just in time, considering how corrupt things were getting. Corruption is why empires crash in on themselves and usually follow a 309.6-year cycle, which would be 2032 for America. This reprieve will contribute to a softer landing when that year comes.

I'm not happy how Trump has dealt with big tech companies and censorship. He needs to pardon Assange, Snowden, and needs to go after and prosecute those that committed treason against his campaign with illegal spying. No one has gone to jail for major crimes where we would. Failure on this is a perversion of justice, creating a two-tiered justice system. I'm also disappointed in response to COVID-19, bringing in people heavily conflicted with drug companies that are not impressive in accomplishments and caused significant economic damage with their recommendations. Hopefully, the truth of this is fully exposed soon so we can go back to normal.

Career politicians never own businesses; they have no clue how their ideas will affect business and the economy. That's why I would never vote for anyone that has zero business experience. The only exception would be if they were a thriving market and currency trader. Investors know what affects the economy with various political and monetary policies.

People need to look at potential candidates' private sector experience and treat it like a job interview before casting a vote; it would prevent a lot of disasters. Term limits need to be implemented, which would cancel the special interests lobbying and prevent laws politicians wouldn't want to live under after leaving office.

Direct taxation, such as the income tax, is the most significant economic threat we face right now. Any party or candidate who favors scrapping or lowering it while routing out as much socialism from gov't as possible has my vote and support.

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