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It's been a long time in the making, but I finally found the time and motivation to put together what I hope turns into an awesome resource for people that are passionate about living life to the fullest. Hopefully, through this endeavor, I'll meet some new amazing people and possibly share some new adventures together.

I have never actively written a blog in my 20+ years involved with Internet technologies, mostly not having a proper platform to invest the time of creating quality content that will interest and benefit people. With the latest advancements in open source software, I became inspired by what I can create and easily build upon. It really is limitless what it's able to do.

Another motivating factor in going to a privately hosted platform is the fact corporate social media has gone off the rails with censorship and political bias. The liberal double standard companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter are displaying are frightening. Many online friends have experienced suspensions, shadow blocks, and outright account deletion for exercising their free speech rights, while others go unpunished. There are people who have created businesses and large followings on social media. Their future is in the hands of the network, where a new algorithm or usage policy update, knocks them out of business overnight.

So, to lock in and secure the future, this site will be my, "social platform" along with the un-censorable e-mail list. Please subscribe below. Social media will be used for curation purposes, but it's not relied upon, as everything has a cycle and will come to an end.

So I look forward to sharing information that has made me successful with photography, business, technology, and much more.


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